Leapin’ Lizards!


I shot a photo of Black Locust tree bark while field testing Leafsnap app, “an electronic field guide for tree and plant species.” More about Leafsnap in a follow-up post (after it returns to the Apple iTunes App Store). A Five-lined Skink lizard happened to appear in the photo (No. 1 and 2), although I must admit I didn’t see the lizard until after I’d taken the picture — it scurried away quickly before I was able to shoot more photos.

The next day I went on a photo safari to the same tree hoping to shoot some pictures of Skinks. I observed the tree trunk carefully for a couple of hours and my patience was rewarded (No. 3 to 8). I missed opportunities to photograph two other Skinks — they move quickly! I think Skinks like locust trees.

The preceding gallery features four pairs of photographs: a cropped version of each photo; followed by the full-size original.


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