Great Blue Skimmer dragonfly revisited


Another photo of the Great Blue Skimmer dragonfly (Libellula vibrans) I spotted during a photowalk through Huntley Meadows Park on Monday, 13 June 2011. Look closely — the detail that is visible in the dragonfly’s wings is really astounding! The iPhone camera works remarkably well for such a simple device.

Editor’s Note: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Huh? Please do not be confused by the URL for this post — the dragonfly in the photograph (shown above) is definitely a “Great Blue Skimmer.” It turns out I misidentified this dragonfly as a “Blue Dasher” in my original post. Posterous derives the URL for a blog post from its title. If the title is changed after a post is published, then the URL does not change. That’s just one of the little idiosyncrasies of Posterous.


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