Panorama photo app showdown: Field of Jewelweed

The following gallery shows a 21-image panorama photo of a field of Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) spotted during a photowalk through the “Wildlife Sanctuary,” one of seven small parks owned and maintained by the Community Association of Hollin Hills, Fairfax County, Virginia USA. The plant covered a broad area in a clearing of a deciduous forest, between two forks of an intermittent stream running through the park. AutoStitch Panorama app  ($2.99) was used to create the photograph: Photo 1 of 2 is a cropped version of the composite image; Photo 2 of 2 is the “raw” composite image.


I used 360 Panorama app ($1.99) to shoot a geotagged panorama photo of the same field of Jewelweed. A hyperlink to an online interactive version of the panorama photo is listed following the “flattened” version, shown below.


360 Panorama photo (interactive version)

Compare and contrast the AutoStitch Panorama composite image with the same shot created using 360 Panorama and I think you’ll agree with me that AutoStitch is still King of the Hill in the field of panorama photo apps.

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