Panicled Goldenrain Tree flowers and "fruit"

During a couple of photowalks in early June, I spotted a “golden rain” shower as tiny yellow flowers fell to the ground from a Panicled Goldenrain Tree (Photo 1-2 of 2, shown below).


A few weeks later, “fruit” (seed pods) appeared in place of the flowers (Photos 1-2 of 2, shown below). The green seed pods remind me of Japanese lanterns.


Panicled Goldenrain Trees (Koelreuteria paniculata) flower during early June in the mid-Atlantic region, and bear fruit in late June. By early fall, the seed pods turn brown and burst, releasing their seeds (as shown in the following gallery).


Leafsnap app (free) is “an electronic field guide for tree and plant species.” The following gallery shows the Leafsnap entry for Panicled Goldenrain Tree, depicting its life cycle from leaves to flowers to fruit (see Apple iPad 1 screen captures, shown below).


Tech Tips: The preceding gallery features screen captures from “Leafsnap” app (for iPhone), displayed in 2x mode on an Apple iPad 1. “Leafsnap for iPad” (a.k.a., “LeafsnapHD”) is available also. The following gallery features select screen captures from “Leafsnap for iPad.”



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