Fossil sea snail shell


Fossil marine gastropod mollusk shell (Ecphora quadricostata) collected at the Texasgulf Aurora Phosphate Mine, Aurora, North Carolina USA. The word “costa” means “rib,” derived from the Latin word “costae.” Notice that the shell of Ecphora quadricostata has four costae (ribs). Photo 1 of 3 was annotated to highlight the four costae; Photo 2 of 3 is the original photograph.

Habitat: A relatively “shallow” sea that existed along the east coast of the United States an estimated 10- to 15 million years ago, during the Miocene Epoch.

The Aurora Phosphate Mine, formerly owned by Texasgulf Inc., is currently owned and operated by Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PotashCorp).

Editor’s Note: Are you a keen observer with eagle eyes? Did you notice I used “North Carolina” quarters to show the relative size of a fossil from North Carolina? That’s a subtle detail you may have overlooked.

Tech Tips: I just added another photo to this post. AshleyBradford, professional graphic artist and fellow Project Noah citizen scientist, used Adobe “Photoshop” to adjust the original photo after I asked about “white balance.” With a little post-processing by a pro, Ashley’s version (Photo 3) looks than much better mine (Photos 1-2). Thanks for your kind assistance, AB!

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