Red Maple tree leaf stain


Photos 1-2 (of 4) show a Red Maple tree (Acer rubrum) leaf stain on a concrete sidewalk; the stain was the result of chemical- and physical changes as the leaf decomposed on a wet sidewalk. Photo 1 was annotated to highlight the leaf stain; Photo 2 is the original photo. Photos 3-4 show a Red Maple tree leaf, identified in situ using Leafsnap app for Apple iOS mobile devices. The leaf sample was collected from a tree located beside the leaf-stained sidewalk.

Photos 1-2 also show signs of human life (see “SNOZ” graffiti). I can tell “SNOZ” is a sign of human life because I know of no other creature that likes to write in fresh concrete — can you name one? What does “SNOZ” mean? It could be a nickname for someone with a big nose. What do you think “SNOZ” means?

Tech Tips: The preceding photos were post-processed using Apple “Aperture,” a professional-grade tool for organizing and adjusting photos. Apple “Preview” was used to annotate Photo 1 of 4.

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