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The preceding gallery features two more new versions of the digital “painting” entitled, “Autumn Landscape at Huntley Meadows Park.” The digital images were created in the style of Claude Monet, a founder of French impressionist painting, using Pocket Monet app for Apple iPhone to post-process a photograph taken with the built-in camera of an Apple iPhone 4. Photo 1 of 3 uses a finer brush; Photo 2 of 3 uses a coarser brush. Photo 3 of 3 is the original photograph.

Compare and contrast the output from Pocket Monet (shown above) with the output from MobileMonet HD. Which version do you like more? The user interface for Pocket Monet isn’t as polished as MobileMonet HD, but the output from Pocket Monet looks more “painterly,” that is, the use of the pointillism painting technique is more obvious. I would like to see the developer update Pocket Monet to be a universal app — it would be much easier to use the app on iPad’s larger screen. It should be simple to program a work-around for the original iPad (that does not feature a built-in camera like iPad 2). I’d also like to see icons that are more consistent with the standard Apple iOS user interface. For example, I had no idea that tapping a “heart” icon saves the output to the Camera Roll!

Bottom line: Pocket Monet is a good app with a lot of room for improvement. I give it an overall rating of three out of five stars.

Tech Tips:Pocket Monet” currently sells for $0.99 at the Apple iTunes Store; “MobileMonet HD” sells for $1.99.

Photos © Copyright 2011 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved. www.wsanford.com

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