ToonPAINT app

The description of ToonPAINT app at the Apple iTunes App Store says, “ToonPAINT allows you to easily create awesome looking cartoon-paintings with your photos.” Really? Decide for yourself by comparing and contrasting the cartoon version with the original photo in the following galleries.


In the preceding gallery (shown above), the ToonPAINT output and the original photo are both 1024 x 1024 pixels square. In the following gallery (shown below), the original photo and the ToonPAINT output are both 557 H x 420 W pixels.


How much more “awesome looking” would these cartoon-paintings be if they were in color rather than black-and-white? My commentary can be found in the following “Tech Tips.”

Tech Tips:ToonPAINT” app currently sells for $1.99 at the Apple iTunes Store. The App Store descriptor says, “Even if you have never drawn or painted before, ToonPAINT sets you up for quick success by providing a MagiSketch that you can simply color in. It’s as easy as ‘paint-by-numbers,’ but using your own personal images.” However the quality of the “MagiSketch” output is limited unless you spring for two in-app purchases that cost $0.99 each: 1) “The ToonColor button is an optional add-on feature for ToonPAINT that will automatically color your Toon for you.” 2) “The Photo Brush is an optional add-on feature for ToonPAINT that will allow you to paint directly from your source.” In other words, “ToonPAINT” actually costs $3.97 for all the bells and whistles! I’m not a big fan of apps featuring in-app purchases because they will not fully function as advertised unless you make all available in-app purchases. That’s misleading and in a very real sense a form of false advertising. I say apps should come fully-loaded and sell for one price point — that way consumers can decide fairly whether the full price is fair!

Photos © Copyright 2012 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.


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