ToonPAINT app redux

I reviewed ToonPAINT app ($1.99 plus in-app purchases) in my last blog post. In summary, I posed the question, “How much more “awesome looking” would these cartoon-paintings be if they were in color rather than black-and-white?” My first impulse was to say, “Who knows? I’ll never buy the ‘ToonColor button’ add-on feature.” Well, curiosity killed the cat and I am nothing if not curious so I purchased the auto-color option. I’m thinking the folks at ToonPAINT must be saying to themselves, “Gotcha, sucker!” Anyway, how does “ToonColor” output compare with the standard black-and-white output? You be the judge.


Photo 4 of 4 in the preceding gallery shows the descriptors for ToonPAINT’s two optional add-on features. Can anyone tell me what “Photo Brush” does? I can’t tell from the descriptor and I don’t intend to be suckered into buying the feature in order to find out!


I think the “ToonColor” output is too dark for both test photos. Sure, I could use an application like Aperture to brighten the images (or perhaps another image editor for Apple iOS) but that defeats the purpose of using ToonPAINT app, doesn’t it? ToonPAINT promises that “it’s as easy as paint-by-numbers,” so I shouldn’t have to post-process the output in order to get it right!

Photos © Copyright 2012 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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