Lost & Found: Another Alexandria, VA USA sundial

The North American Sundial Society Sundial Registry listing for Virginia Alexandria Dial #253 says, “May have been removed; could not be located 8/2005. Contacted historical society 12/2008 to confirm placement but no reply.” I’m happy to report the sundial is in fact right where it’s supposed to be! Well, sort of. The Sundial Registry lists the location of Dial #253 as, “NW corner of King & Cameron St.” That is, in a word, impossible: Cameron- and King Streets are parallel streets, as shown by a zoomed-in map of Old Town Alexandria. The actual location of the vertical sundial is the corner of Cameron- and N. Washington Streets, as shown by a geotagged full-size version of the photo and verified by the following screen captures from Google Maps Street View: facing east along Cameron Street toward N. Washington Street; corner of Cameron- and N. Washington Streets; facing west along Cameron Street toward N. Columbus Street.

Alexandria Dial #254 is a horizontal sundial located at historic Christ Church on the opposite side of Cameron Street from Dial #253. The Sundial Registry listing for Dial #254 says, “Horizontal circular bronze dial appears to have been designed for 32 degrees N.” Read more about this issue in my last post, “Sundial at Christ Church, Alexandria, VA USA.”

Large 400px

Picasa Web Album: Alexandria, VA Sundials

Tech Tips: All photos in the preceding slideshow were geotagged automatically by an Apple iPhone 4. Apple Computer does not support Adobe Flash on its mobile devices, so embedded slideshows from Picasa Web Albums (such as the one shown above) will not display properly on the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. For this reason, you may need to follow the hyperlink to the photo album, then click on the slideshow icon (shown upper-right corner). Learn more about Google Maps Street View. Locate the sundials using the following search string in Google Maps: “Christ Church Alexandria”

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