Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly (young male)

The following photo gallery shows an Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) spotted on the earthen dam at Hidden Pond, Meadowood Recreation Area in Fairfax County, Virginia USA.

Adult Eastern Pondhawk dragonflies exhibit sexual dimorphism: mature males are covered by blue pruinescence; females are green. The male Eastern Pondhawk’s green face distinguishes it from other similar-looking blue dragonflies.

This individual is a young male turning blue, as indicated by its blue and green coloration and the terminal appendages at the end of its abdomen. Blue pruinescence will cover the dragonfly’s body completely when it is mature.

Immature [male] colored as female, becomes pruinose first on abdomen and then thorax. Color change begins at about a week of age and takes about 2–3 weeks, fastest at higher temperatures.” Source Credit: Paulson, Dennis (2011-12-19). Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East (Princeton Field Guides) (Kindle Locations 10207-10208). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 in a three-part series of photoblog posts illustrating color change in male Eastern Pondhawk dragonflies as they mature.

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