Blue-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly (female, tan morph), redux

I spotted another heteromorphic Blue-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly (Sympetrum ambiguum) during a photowalk at Huntley Meadows Park on 01 October 2013. I shot lots of photos of the dragonfly as it perched in several nearby locations along the boardwalk that goes through the central wetland area.

The following gallery features several of my favorite photos of the female.

The next gallery shows my second favorite set of shots of the dragonfly. I like the look of the female’s eyes in the ambient light.

The remaining galleries, shown below, feature the same individual perching in several different poses.

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 in a six-part series of posts featuring Blue-faced Meadowhawks, one of my favorite dragonflies.

Copyright © 2014 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.


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2 Responses to “Blue-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly (female, tan morph), redux”

  1. naturesnippets Says:

    You must speak their language for them to cooperate like this.

  2. waltersanford Says:

    Yes, I speak fluent Sympetrum! But seriously folks, I am convinced some dragonflies feel the vibes one emits — they seem to be very cooperative (like this one) as long as they aren’t threatened.

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