Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (female)

The preceding gallery features photos of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio glaucus) feeding on flowers at the Pollinator Garden, Meadowood Recreation Area, Fairfax County, Virginia USA. Please look at the full-size versions of these images in order to fully appreciate the rich coloration of the butterfly and flowers.

This individual is a female, as indicated by the blue and orange markings on the lower edge of its hindwings. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail females are polymorphic: a yellow morph, like this one; and a dark morph.

Tiger Swallowtail is the State Insect of Virginia. Really, who knew there are official state insects?

Copyright © 2014 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.


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2 Responses to “Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (female)”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    As a resident of Virginia, I’m happy that I will now be able to identify the state insect, thanks to your beautiful shots.

    • waltersanford Says:

      I’m happy to provide the public service announcement, Mike. Of course I’m disappointed the official insect for Virginia isn’t a species of dragonfly, but hey, I didn’t get to vote.

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