Who’s on deck?

I spotted an Eastern Ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis) resting on the first floor of the observation tower at Huntley Meadows Park. I was no more than four- to five feet from the snake when I took these photos on Saturday, 03 May 2014.

Eastern Ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis)

Warning: This encounter with an Eastern Ratsnake was atypical: Ratsnakes seem to have a relatively small “comfort zone”; they exhibit several defensive behaviors when threatened. For more information see my last post entitled, “Too close for comfort!

Eastern Ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis)

Special thanks to Phil Wherry, my good friend and technology/photography guru, for the opportunity to field test his new Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera. The X-T1 is a relatively lightweight camera that features an APS-C image sensor, a big electronic viewfinder, and a good selection of lenses including the FUJINON LENS XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS used to take these photos.

Copyright © 2014 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “Who’s on deck?”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    You seem to be seeing a lot of big snakes this spring, Walter. Nice shots of this ratsnake. Be sure to let us know what you think of the Fuji camera–I suspect that you may be tempted to switch.

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