Slender Spreadwing damselflies (females, oviposition)

The following photo galleries, shown in reverse-chronological order, feature four female Slender Spreadwing damselflies (Lestes rectangularis) spotted photowalking at Huntley Meadows Park on two days during September 2014: Gallery 1-2 (26/09/2014); Gallery 3-4 (23/09/2014). All four individuals are shown laying eggs (oviposition).

…females oviposit solo, unusual in spreadwings, and about a foot above water. Eggs commonly laid in cattails, one (1) egg per incision. Source Credit: Paulson, Dennis (2011-12-19). Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East (Princeton Field Guides) (Kindle Locations 1682-1683). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

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One Response to “Slender Spreadwing damselflies (females, oviposition)”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    Great captures. I continue to be amazed that the bodies of damselflies and dragonflies are so flexible that they can be contorted into such unusual-looking positions.

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