Similar is not the same

Creeping Water Primrose (Ludwigia peploides), shown below, is a flowering plant that is widespread throughout the hemi-marsh at Huntley Meadows Park.

A former naturalist at the park told me this plant is Creeping Primrose Willow (Ludwigia repens). Turns out she was partly right: right genus; wrong species.

Creeping Water Primrose (Ludwigia peploides)

30 September 2014

Creeping Primrose Willow looks similar to Creeping Water Primrose, although they are not the same: Ludwigia repens flowers have four petals; Ludwigia peploides flowers have either five- or six petals.

I have taken many photographs of this beautiful flowering plant during a period spanning several years beginning in 2011. I reviewed all of those photos and in every case, the little yellow flowers have five petals.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Matt Ryan, naturalist at Huntley Meadows Park, for help in correctly identifying the species of flowering plant shown in my photo.

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