Autumn Meadowhawk dragonfly terminal appendages

Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum) is a member of the Skimmer Family of dragonflies that is commonly spotted during the fall months at many water bodies in the mid-Atlantic United States.

Male dragonflies have three terminal appendages, collectively called “claspers,” that are used to grab and hold female dragonflies during mating: an upper pair of cerci (“superior appendages”) and a lower unpaired epiproct (“inferior appendage”).


30 SEP2014 | Huntley Meadows Park | Autumn Meadowhawk (male)

Female dragonflies have a pair of cerci (superior appendages) that have little or no function.

Autumn Meadowhawk dragonfly (female)

11 NOV 2014 | Huntley Meadows Park | Autumn Meadowhawk (female)

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