First Painted Skimmer of 2015

Painted Skimmer dragonfly (male)

24 APR 2015 | Huntley Meadows Park | Painted Skimmer (male)

The preceding photo shows the first Painted Skimmer dragonfly (Libellula semifasciata) spotted during Spring 2015, and the only one I saw all day. This individual is a male, as indicated by its terminal appendages. Four snaps and he was gone!

Some odonate experts think Painted Skimmer may be one of several migratory species of dragonflies. If this guy is on the vanguard of an approaching wave of migratory Painted Skimmers, then he must be WAY AHEAD of the group — I revisited Huntley Meadows Park again on 27 April 2015 and didn’t see a single Painted Skimmer.

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Editor’s Note: I spotted another male Painted Skimmer at Huntley Meadows Park on 28 April 2015. Can you say “follow-up post?”

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