Vernal Pools are Wet and Dry

It’s an honor to announce one of my dragonfly photographs is featured on signage for a man-made vernal pool at Butternut Creek Recreation and Nature Area, a new park in the Town of DeWitt, New York.

The info-graphic, entitled “Vernals Pools are Wet and Dry,” was written by Christine Manchester, Naturalist and Sustainability Coordinator, and illustrated by Kate Woodle.


05 JUN 2015 | Photo used with permission from Kate Woodle.

The preceding photograph shows the sign located in situ on the day the park opened; the final version of the illustration for the sign is shown below.


Graphic used with permission from the Town of DeWitt.

One of my photos of a Swamp Darner dragonfly (Epiaeschna heros), taken during a photowalk at Huntley Meadows Park (HMP) on 02 June 2014, is featured on the sign. The dragonfly is a female, shown laying eggs (oviposition) in mud alongside a vernal pool.

The original photograph is shown below. Did you notice the version on the sign is the mirror image of my photo? I guess you call that “artistic license.”

Related Resource: An annotated version of the same photo illustrates some of the reproductive anatomy for female Swamp Darners.

Copyright © 2015 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.


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