Stream Cruiser dragonfly (female)

The following photograph shows a Stream Cruiser dragonfly (Didymops transversa) spotted on 20 April 2016 as I was photowalking along a trail at Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Key field marks for Didymops transversa include a white facial bar and a single white stripe on the side of the thorax. Male– and female Stream Cruisers are similar in appearance. This individual is a female as indicated by the pair of white terminal appendages (cerci) clearly visible at the end of her abdomen.

A Stream Cruiser dragonfly (Didymops transversa) spotted at Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge, Fairfax County, Virginia USA. This individual is a female.

I shot lots of photos of this individual, including many good- to very good shots. This image is one of my favorites. When editing photographs of dragonflies that like to perch in places where the background is cluttered, usually it is necessary to crop the original image. Not this photo — it is uncropped because the subject fills the frame and the composition looks good as is.

I plan to post more photos of Stream Cruiser dragonflies, including this female as well as several males spotted on the same day.

Copyright © 2016 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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4 Responses to “Stream Cruiser dragonfly (female)”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    Wonderful shot, Walter, of a very beautiful dragonfly. I can’t wait to see more of your images of Stream Cruisers.

  2. Stream Cruiser dragonflies (males) | walter sanford's photoblog Says:

    […] three appendages are white. Male Stream Cruiser cerci are shaped differently than female cerci: male cerci look like a pair of ivory elephant […]

  3. Another female Stream Cruiser? | walter sanford's photoblog Says:

    […] It’s possible the female Stream Cruiser dragonfly (Didymops transversa) in this gallery — spotted on 20 April 2016 at Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge — is the same individual featured in a photoblog post published on 23 April 2016. […]

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