Needham’s Skimmer dragonflies (males)

Two Needham’s Skimmer dragonflies (Libellula needhami) were spotted during a photowalk along Dogue Creek, Huntley Meadows Park (HMP). Both individuals are males, as indicated by their terminal appendages.

The first photo shows an immature male. At this point in the male’s maturation, his coloration is similar to females of the same species.

The handsome devil shown in the last photo shows a mature male, probably one- to two weeks older than the male featured in the first photo.

Needham’s Skimmers were more common at Huntley Meadows Park several years ago. For some reason, they’re harder to find now. I speculate their numbers might have been reduced by back-to-back colder than average winters.

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3 Responses to “Needham’s Skimmer dragonflies (males)”

  1. Mike Griffiths Says:

    A couple of beauties, Walter!

    • waltersanford Says:

      Thanks, Mike! As I mentioned in the post, Needham’s Skimmers used to be relatively common in the central wetland area at HMP. I found these two males along Dogue Creek, one of two streams that flows into the park.

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