Voltinism, revisited

Voltinism is a term used in biology to indicate the number of broods or generations of an organism in a year. Source Credit: Wikipedia.

Some species of odonates, such as Southern Spreadwing damselfly (Lestes australis), can be multivoltine.

Huntley Meadows Park

Long-term monitoring of a vernal pool at Huntley Meadows Park has shown Southern Spreadwing is multivoltine at that site.

Mason Neck West Park

Males and females from a single brood of Southern Spreadwing were observed during Fall 2016 at Mason Neck West Park; males from another brood were spotted at the same location on 05 April 2017 and again on 18 April 2017. This evidence suggests Southern Spreadwing is multivoltine at Mason Neck West Park (MNWP). Further field observations are necessary to determine whether more than two broods occur at this location.

This individual is a male, as indicated by his coloration and terminal appendages.

Please look at the full-size versions of the preceding photos in order to appreciate the “fresh” coloration that seems to be a noticeable characteristic for many species of recently-emerged odonates.

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