Brown Spiketail dragonfly (male)

My first Brown Spiketail dragonfly (Cordulegaster bilineata) was a female that I photographed on 01 May 2013 at Meadowood Recreation Area in Fairfax County, Virginia USA. That was the last Brown Spiketail I saw for the next five years. As it turns out, spiketails are relatively uncommon in Northern Virginia. Who knew?

Soon after Mike Powell and I photographed one or two Twin-spotted Spiketail dragonflies (Cordulegaster maculata) on 07 May 2018 at Occoquan Regional Park, we spotted a male Brown Spiketail perched in a sunny place along the same dirt/gravel trail where we had seen the Twin-spotted.

As a wildlife photographer with a focus on insect photography, one of my mantras is: “Get a shot, any shot; refine the shot.” The preceding photo is the “record shot”; the following photos show my efforts to refine the record shot.

There were at least two males competing for the same prime location. It’s possible that all of the photos in this gallery feature the same individual, although I think it’s just as likely more than one male is shown.

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2 Responses to “Brown Spiketail dragonfly (male)”

  1. Brown Spiketail dragonfly | Mike Powell Says:

    […] For even more detailed photos, check out Walter’s excellent images of our adventures in his blog posting today. He has mastered some techniques that allow him to capture an amazing amount of detail in his […]

  2. waltersanford Says:

    See Brown Spiketail dragonfly, a companion blog post by Michael Powell.

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