More male Brown Spiketails

Two more Brown Spiketail dragonflies (Cordulegaster bilineata) were spotted on 11 May 2018 at Occoquan Regional Park. Both individuals are male, as indicated by their terminal appendages and “indented” hind wings.

Male 1

The first photo of Male 1 is the “record shot.”

The next photo shows a dorsal view of the same individual.

Male 2

The first photo of Male 2 is the “record shot.”

The next photo is my favorite in this post. Notice the eye color of this individual is more green than brown. The difference in eye color could be caused by natural variation or it might indicate that Male 2 is more mature than Male 1.

Although Brown Spiketails seem to prefer perching in sunny places, the last photo shows the male hanging in shade rather than direct sunlight.

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