Sable Clubtail dragonfly (male)

A Sable Clubtail dragonfly (Stenogomphurus rogersi) was spotted perched alongside a small forested stream located in Fairfax County, Virginia USA. This individual is a male, as indicated by his “indented” hind wings and terminal appendages.

08 JUN 2018 | Fairfax County, VA | Sable Clubtail (male)

The following photo shows the lotic habitat in which Sable Clubtail lives. You’re looking down into the stream channel: the channel is a few feet deep; the stream itself is no more than a foot wide and a few inches deep.

08 JUN 2018 | Fairfax County, VA | small stream

When I scouted the location during the off-season I recall thinking, “I don’t see clubtails coming from this tiny stream!” Once again I am reminded that dismissive thinking can be wrong-headed.

Sable Clubtail has a limited range and is classified as a rare to uncommon species of odonate. It is a prized addition to my “life list” of dragonflies!

The following map shows all official records for Sable Clubtail in the United States of America.

DSA Distribution Viewer | Sable Clubtail

Source Credit: Abbott, J.C. 2006-2018. OdonataCentral: An online resource for the distribution and identification of Odonata. Available at (Accessed: June 11, 2018).

Key: blue dots = Dot Map Project; green dots = Accepted records; yellow dots = Pending records.

Copyright © 2018 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to “Sable Clubtail dragonfly (male)”

  1. Kelly Stettner Says:

    Looks like the sort of habitat I will be searching for this summer, trying to confirm a breeding population of the Tiger spiketail in Vermont.

    • waltersanford Says:

      Several species of spiketail dragonflies are found at this small stream, including Brown, Twin-spotted, and Tiger. I saw and photo’d the first two earlier this year; Tiger should appear any day. Good luck to you, Kelly!

  2. Sable strong | walter sanford's photoblog Says:

    […] few days after my first spotting of Sable Clubtail dragonflies (Stenogomphurus rogersi) at a small forested stream located in […]

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