Last man standing

One, possibly two Sable Clubtail dragonfly (Stenogomphurus rogersi) was/were spotted perched alongside a small stream located in Fairfax County, Virginia USA. All individuals featured in this photo set are male, as indicated by their indented hind wings and terminal appendages.

Male 1

The first shot is a “record shot,” that is, a quick-and-dirty shot that provides a record of the spotting. In this case, I was able to shoot one photo before Male 1 flew away. I didn’t see where he landed.

26 JUN 2018 | Fairfax County, VA | Sable Clubtail (male)

Male 2

I found Male 2 perched on overhanging vegetation along a nearby cut bank in the stream channel.

26 JUN 2018 | Fairfax County, VA | Sable Clubtail (male)

Notice the prominent peach-colored schmutz on the right forewing, located near the pterostigma, that is visible in both photos of Male 2. Since I don’t see the schmutz in the photo of Male 1, I think Male 1 and 2 are probably different individuals.

26 JUN 2018 | Fairfax County, VA | Sable Clubtail (male)

New late date?

Dr. Edward Eder and I visited the same site on the same day. Dr. Eder is one of the best all-around amateur naturalists I know. Ed saw/photographed a male Sable Clubtail near the same location as my photos, a little earlier in the day. Both of us thought we’d set a new late-date for S. rogersi in Northern Virginia. As it turns out, I spotted a female Sable Clubtail on 05 July 2018. Photos of the female will be featured in my next blog post.

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