3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L-Bracket

This post is a quick review of the “3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L-Bracket,” Desmond DAC-X1 adaptor, and Manfrotto RC2 quick release tripod plate.

The primary advantage of using an L-bracket is to be able to switch from landscape view to portrait view quickly.

Many L-brackets, including the 3 Legged Thing bracket, feature an Arca-Swiss style tripod mount. Since most of my tripod heads use the Manfrotto RC2 system of quick release tripod plates, I needed to find a solution that would enable me to mount an Arca-Swiss tripod plate on my RC2 plates. After a little research on the Internet (Google is your friend), I decided to buy the Desmond DAC-X1 Skeleton Clamp. It’s well-designed, lightweight, and works as advertised.

Pros and cons

The following photo shows a 3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L-Bracket (Orange) mounted on my Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera. A Desmond DAC-X1 Skeleton Clamp (black) is connected to the QR11-LC, and a Manfrotto RC2 quick release tripod plate (gray) is connected to the DAC-X1. The blue thing shown in the lower-left corner of the photo is a handy tool that is bundled with the QR11-LC.

3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L-Bracket (Orange).

The Canon 5D Mark II DSLR was released in September 2008. 10 years later, it seems to be impossible to buy a new L-bracket made specifically for the 5DM2. The only option is to buy a “universal L-bracket.”

In my opinion, the word “universal” suggests the bracket fits a lot of camera models but doesn’t fit any model perfectly. It required a big leap of faith for me to buy the QR11-LC, but I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it fits my 5DM2!

Most importantly (to me), the L-bracket DOESN’T block the door to the camera battery compartment.

There are openings for attaching a camera strap to either end of the L-bracket; the opening on the shorter side of the L-bracket aligns perfectly with the camera strap connector on the left side of the camera body, thereby adding some stability to the camera-bracket connection.

With the L-bracket mounted on the camera body as shown in the preceding photograph, it’s nearly impossible to open the compartment doors on the left side of the camera by reaching through the larger opening on the shorter side of the L-bracket. That said, the tool that comes with the QR11-LC makes it easy to loosen the tripod socket screw. Then you can slide the bracket far enough to the left to open the side compartment doors, leave the doors open, slide the L-bracket back into place, and tighten the tripod socket screw.

What’s the take-away?

Although I readily concede it’s unlikely there are many owners of the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR who will find this product review helpful, 3 Legged Thing sells several models of universal L-brackets that are compatible with newer cameras sold by Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony.

Related Resource: L Brackets: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman, by Adorama (2:46).

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