Godox XProF – TCM Function

Godox makes two types of wireless flash triggers (radio) that are compatible with Fujifilm X Series digital cameras, listed from less expensive to more expensive: the Godox X2TF; and the Godox XProF. Both flash triggers have essentially the same functions. The X2TF has a slightly lower price point than the XProF, smaller footprint, and a pass-through hot-shoe; it lacks the TCM Function featured on the XProF.


“TTL” stands for “Through The Lens” metering. Some external flash units, such as the Godox TT685F Thinklite TTL Flash for Fujifilm Cameras, are TTL-compatible, meaning the camera will set the flash power ratio automatically for proper exposure. So what’s not to like about that?

A photographer has no way of knowing what the flash power setting is when using an external flash unit in TTL mode. Some photographers might be surprised to learn that TTL exposure can vary from one shot to another, often quite noticeably. That can be a problem. For example, repeatability is a big concern in macro photography, especially when creating focus stacks. So what’s the solution? TCM Function.

TCM Function

“TCM Function” is a proprietary feature of the Godox XProF that stands for “TTL Converted to Manual,” translated loosely. Here’s how it works.

The “Magnification/TCM Button” (shown below) is a toggle switch: a short-press switches the display on the LCD panel back-and-forth from the settings for all off-camera flash groups (A-E) to a magnified view of the settings for one group, e.g., Group A (that can include one or more external flash units); a long-press activates the TCM Function.

Godox XProF Instruction Manual.

Set the XProF for TTL mode. Take a test shot, then long-press the TCM button. You should see the display on the XProF switch from TTL mode to Manual mode, showing the equivalent manual settings for the TTL test shot.

Godox XProF Instruction Manual.

This feature can be useful for quickly determining a good starting point for setting external flash units in Manual mode. Try it. I think you’ll like it!


Which model Godox radio flash trigger should you buy, the X2TF or the XProF? That depends upon what’s more important to you — either the pass-through hot shoe or TCM Function. You can have one feature or the other but you can’t have both in a single flash trigger.

Related Resource: PIXAPRO ST-IV Functions and Features (Instructional Video), by PIXAPRO (6:59). Note: Godox is known as PIXAPRO in the United Kingdom.

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