MYN – Tramea carolina exuvia (face-head-dorsal)

A Carolina Saddlebags dragonfly (Tramea carolina) exuvia, collected by Andy Davidson near Richmond, Virginia USA, was photographed against a pure white background using the “Meet Your Neighbours” (MYN) technique. Carolina Saddlebags is a member of Family Libellulidae (Skimmers).

Tech Tips

The subject was “staged” on a clear plastic surface raised ~1.5 in (~3.81 cm) above the white background. As I speculated in my last blog post, increased distance between the stage and the background seems to have resulted in improved exposure of clear features such as the “eyes.”

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2 Responses to “MYN – Tramea carolina exuvia (face-head-dorsal)”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    As you know, Walter, I love this face-to-face shots with dragonflies, and I feel the same way about exuviae. This is a wonderful image–your tweaking of the technique seems to be bearing fruit.

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