MYN – Cicada exuvia

An Annual/Periodical Cicada (Family Cicadidae) exuvia was collected from a wooden kayak rack near the concrete boat ramp at Riverbend Park, Fairfax County, Virginia USA.

The specimen was photographed against a pure white background using the “Meet Your Neighbours” (MYN) technique.

27 MAY 2017 | Riverbend Park | cicada exuvia (face-head-dorsal)

Notice the proboscis between the cicada’s two large front legs, as shown in the preceding photo. I’ve seen zillions of cicada exuviae but never noticed a proboscis. Macro photography. It’s good thing!

27 MAY 2017 | Riverbend Park | cicada exuvia (dorsal view)

27 MAY 2017 | Riverbend Park | cicada exuvia (dorsallateral view)

27 MAY 2017 | Riverbend Park | cicada exuvia (dorsallateral view)

The proboscis is plainly visible in the following photo. (Look between the base of the two front legs.)

27 MAY 2017 | Riverbend Park | cicada exuvia (ventral view)

In situ Photographs

Which photo set do you thinks looks more interesting, the Meet Your Neighbours style photographs or the more traditional style of nature photography? In my opinion, the winner is clear!

Related Resources

What are the take-aways?

Based upon the table of “broods” featured in the Wikipedia page listed under Related Resources, I’m thinking the cicada exuvia that I collected during 2017 is more likely an annual cicada than a periodical cicada. For what it’s worth, no evidence of a mass emergence of cicadas was observed.

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One Response to “MYN – Cicada exuvia”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    When comparing the different styles, the most important thing is the criteria that will used to judge the “winner.” If the question is which one shows the details of the exuvia best, the MYN is the clear winner. However, you posed the question by asking which photos are the most “interesting.” “Interesting” is a totally subjective personal opinion. If someone wants to know where to look for exuvia like this one, the traditional photos are more interesting. For me both sets of photos are equally interesting and they serve complementary roles.

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