New use for Godox X1R-C

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of studio macro photography using a Godox X2TF (Wireless Flash Trigger for Fujifilm) mounted on my Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera with a Canon MT-26EX-RT Macro Twin Lite mounted on the pass-through hot shoe on top of the Godox X2TF.

This Rube Goldberg machine is big, heavy, and unstable sometimes, depending upon the camera angle relative to the subject.


I’ve been thinking about how I might move the Canon macro flash off-camera for studio photography. Then an idea occurred to me — maybe I could repurpose my Godox X1R-C (Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver for Canon) for use with the Canon macro twin flash in order to set- and trigger the macro flash by radio signal from Godox X2T-series and XPro-series radio flash triggers, or even another Godox TT685-series flash set for master mode.

Canon MT-26EX-RT (top) | Godox X1R-C (bottom)

Does it work?

During limited testing, the new off-camera flash rig works beautifully using either manual- or TTL modes. TTL works because the Godox X1R-C hotshoe features five contact pins in the same configuration as Canon Speedlites.

Product image courtesy B&H Photo.

I ordered some new articulating arms and micro clamps for positioning the Canon macro flash rig exactly where I want it during a photo shoot. Further testing will be conducted as soon as the new gear is delivered.

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