More experimentation with tethered shooting

Oh no! I have become the blogger who cried wolf. Yes, I’m guilty of over-promising and under-delivering. I promise to do better. Oops, I did it again! (Queue Britney Spears…)

Why tethered shooting?

In case you’re wondering what piqued my interest in tethered shooting, I was bored. I had figured out all there is to know about non-tethered shooting so I needed a new challenge. Not!

Tethered shooting enables me to quickly check composition, exposure, and focus, to name a few advantages of tethered versus non-tethered shooting — on a larger screen than the LCD on the back of my cameras.

Bear in mind, I don’t want to edit the photo files using my laptop computer (Apple 11″ MacBook Air) — I prefer to use my desktop computer (Apple 24″ iMac) for photo editing.

Latest testing

The following photos were taken by tethering my Fujifilm X-T3 digital camera to an Apple 11″ MacBook Air computer, via a TetherTools USB cable. FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO was used to save JPG files to a folder on the desktop of my MacBook Air; in turn, the JPG images were displayed in Adobe Lightroom. Both JPG and RAF files were saved to one of two memory cards in the X-T3.

Notice the difference in way these two photos were lighted. Both shots were taken using a single off-camera flash. The position of the flash resulted in more- or less dramatic light. Each shot shows something better than the other, so I was unable to choose a clear favorite. What’s your preference?

Tips and Tricks

Oh yeah, the tips and tricks I have been promising are still in the pipeline. I made some screen grabs today to illustrate the process of tethered shooting. Turns out I overlooked a critical setting so all of the graphics are useless. Doh! Can you say “Do over”?

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7 Responses to “More experimentation with tethered shooting”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    I am very much intrigued by your tethered shooting experimentation and how it compares with your previous experience with CamRanger, which I think let you tether your camera and control your camera wirelessly. When it comes to the two images, I think for the purposes of this particular exiuvia, I think I prefer the second image.

    • waltersanford Says:

      IMO, wireless beats wired every time. I own the original CamRanger — it’s compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras only. The new model works with Fujifilm cameras, but that’s more $$$ than I’m willing to spend. All of that being said, CamRanger has a rich feature set of camera controls but not all controls work with every lens. For example, focus stacking doesn’t work with manual lenses. That’s a problem!

  2. Wally Jones Says:

    It’s interesting to think about different objectives for which tethered shooting could be used.

    Selecting a “favorite” between your two images may depend on the eye, and background, of the beholder. A scientist may prefer the second image due to more of the subject being well-illuminated. A layperson may find the first image more pleasing (more “natural”).

    You guessed it – I like both.

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