Common Buckeye reminds me of fall.

Although there’s nothing common about the palette of colors for Common Buckeye butterflies (Junonia coenia), somehow it just works. I think their coloration seems to shout “fall.”

The preceding photo shows a Common Buckeye spotted during a photowalk with Michael Powell at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge (OBNWR), Prince William County, Virginia USA.

Most of the Common Buckeye that Mike and I spotted seemed to be especially skittish — they flew away as soon as I moved into position to take some shots. This one was a little more cooperative, albeit poorly posed for a perfect photo. Oh well!

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One Response to “Common Buckeye reminds me of fall.”

  1. Wally Jones Says:

    Every time I encounter a Common Buckeye, even though I know what it is, I always seem to exclaim: “What’s THAT??”

    I agree its coloration is perfect for autumn.

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