Living the dream

I know a few odonate enthusiasts who photograph birds during the “off-season” — it seems I like photographing toys. Undeniably true. Some toys, like the toy monkey featured in this post, are made of hard plastic that is highly reflective and can be challenging to light using artificial light sources.

08 DEC 2020 |  BoG Photo Studio | toy monkey

A toy monkey was photographed against a pure white background (255, 255, 255) using the “Meet Your Neighbours” (MYN) technique. The toy is ~1 7/8 inches long. “Living the dream” is one of my nicknames for the monkey.

The full frame photograph (that is, uncropped) shown above was taken using a Fujifilm X-T3 digital camera, Fujifilm MCEX-11 extension tube, and Fujinon XF80mm macro lens. The camera was mounted in portrait mode on a sturdy tripod using an “L” bracket mounted on the camera body. I love me some “L” brackets!

I prefer using single point focus in most situations. In this case, the focus point was centered over the body of the subject. Like the toy dinosaur featured in my last blog post, the entire subject wasn’t in tack sharp focus despite using an aperture of f/16. For example, look closely at the monkey’s eyes compared to its body. That’s on me because it’s so easy to move/set the focus point using my Fujifilm X-T3 digital camera. It goes without saying I should have moved the focus point to one of the eyes.

In my defense, the main purpose of this test shoot was to experiment with my set-up for white background macro photography by testing using two flashes to backlight the white background in an effort to eliminate “hotspots” on the background. I also tested eliminating “flaring” around the outline of the subject by adjusting the power ratio of the external flash units used to backlight the background, and by increasing the distance between the subject and pure white background.

Copyright © 2020 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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