What is it — emerald or skimmer?

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. It’s time for another exciting episode of “What is it?

I wrote about the “ventromedial groove” in a recent blog post. Based upon what you learned, is the following odonate exuvia a member of Family Corduliidae (Emeralds) or Family Libellulidae (Skimmers)?

Odonata (Suborder Anisoptera) | exuvia (face-head)

If you think you know the family, then please leave a comment. The answer will be revealed in a post update.

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One Response to “What is it — emerald or skimmer?”

  1. Doug Mills Says:

    Going with corduliidae for the groove. It’s got impressive crenulations— I had to double check they weren’t jagged and this was a trick question 🙂

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