Settings: GoPro HERO4 Black

Let’s take stock of what we’ve accomplished as we work toward getting up-to-speed with our older GoPro action cameras: We recharged the battery or batteries and inserted a microSD memory card; paired the camera with GoPro “Quik” app; and updated the firmware. Now it’s time to make some settings and begin (again?) to use the GoPro to shoot photos and videos.

What are the best settings to use?

The best camera settings for shooting photos and videos using full-frame and crop-sensor digital cameras is highly subjective. It’s no different with action cameras — I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on the topic of GoPro camera settings and opinions vary widely. To a large extent, the settings you choose to use depends upon the intended use for the camera. I wish I had more experience using my GoPro so that I could share some wisdom — instead the best I can do is share some useful resources discovered while researching the topic.

How to make settings

Although it’s possible to operate the HERO4 Black model using the small LCD on the front of the camera … , it’s less than ideal for navigating menus and making settings. In my opinion, it’s much easier to pair the camera with either a smart phone or tablet running the GoPro “Quik” app and use one of those devices to control the camera remotely. Source credit: GoProse, by Walter Sanford.

Whenever possible, I prefer to use the GoPro “Quik” app to make settings. Sometimes we have no choice other than to make settings manually. For example, Protune settings. You might be wondering, “What is Protune?” The name makes me think it’s related to camera audio, but no-o-o-o-o, the Protune settings enable the user to shoot higher quality photos and videos. And you can’t make those settings using the GoPro “Quik” app. Wait, what?

GoPro Inc. is being sued for patent infringement by Contour IP Holding, LLC.

Therefore, the court agreed with Contour’s claim that GoPro’s remote app infringes on the technology patents and has done so since 2014. Source credit: Contour IP Holding, LLC v. GoPro, Inc. | Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC – JDSupra.

GoPro Inc. deleted the Protune settings from what was then called the “GoPro app” (now called “GoPro Quik”) beginning with v7.3.1, updated on 07 January 2021. Two things are worth noting here. The Protune settings are still featured on the camera, but you have to set them manually. That is unless you purchase a third-party app, or like me, you happen to have an older version of the “GoPro app” on your iOS device.

GoPro apps on my Apple iPad mini 2.

I have a copy of v7.1 on my iPad mini 2 (shown above) — the Protune settings are still included (shown below) and the app can be used set them remotely.

Protune Video Settings.

The first screen capture from the “GoPro app” (v7.1) shows the default Protune video settings; the second screen capture shows the default Protune photo settings.

Protune Photo Settings

The third screen capture from the “GoPro app” (v7.1) shows more settings.

More Settings

Doing it the old-fashioned way

Hero4 Black: How To Set Up Protune – GoPro Tip #507 by Mic Bergsma (3:13) is a video that shows how to make Protune settings manually by navigating the small LCD on the front of the camera. Mic is a well-known GoPro user who is hearing-impaired, so there is no narration. The show notes for the video feature a detailed explanation of each setting.

Looking ahead

I’ll talk more about settings when we start exploring some suggested applications to get you started using your action camera. In the meantime, I recommend you get started changing some or all of the default Protune settings — it will take a while to do manually!

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