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April 13, 2021

“Tethered.” What does that word mean to a photographer? In its simplest sense, it’s when a camera is connected to a computer either by some type of cable or sometimes wirelessly.

“Tethered shooting” implies the photographer is able to control the camera remotely, either partially or completely.

Is there really a distinction between the two terms? I think so.

In my last two blog posts I mentioned that my older Fujifilm X-T1 mirrorless digital camera cannot be used for tethered shooting using either the free Fujifilm X Acquire 2 software or via some sort of HDMI Video Capture device. That being said, the Fujifilm X-T1 camera can be tethered to my computer in order to display the output from the HDMI port on the camera.

The section entitled “Viewing Pictures on TV” that appears on p. 108 of the Fujifilm X-T1 Owner’s Manual is shown below.

When the Fujifilm X-T1 is connected to my Apple MacBook Air computer via a MavisLink Video Capture Card and displayed on-screen using OBS Studio, the camera thinks the computer is a TV. Well, sort of.

OBS Studio | Properties for ‘Video Capture Device’

First, add a “Video Capture Device” to a “Scene” in OBS Studio. Select “USB Video” since the “HDMI Video Capture” device connects to the computer via USB. A colorful test pattern appears on screen, even when the camera is turned on.

When the “Play” button on the back of Fujifilm X-T1 camera is pressed, a small green LED in the upper-right corner of the camera turns on and the photos saved to the memory card in your camera are shown on-screen, one image at a time. Use the “D” pad on the back of the camera to cycle through all of the photos on the memory card. Press the “Play” button when you’re finished and the test pattern reappears in OBS Studio.

By the way, the photo shown in the preceding “Screenshot” of OBS Studio is one of the images I shot for Sumo Citrus still life, a recent blog post.

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Fujifilm X Webcam 2

March 30, 2021

Fujifilm X Webcam 2 is a free software application that enables the use of select Fujifilm cameras as a device for video conferencing, live video streaming, etc. Versions of the software are available for both macOS and Windows.

X Webcam is compatible with my Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless digital camera; it isn’t compatible with my Fujifilm X-T1. An older camera — one that is used less than the newer model — would be perfect to repurpose as a Webcam. <Heavy sigh!>

How it works (when it looks like it doesn’t).

Connect the camera to a computer via a USB cable. A small green LED on the back of my Fujifilm X-T3 indicates the camera/computer connection is active. Next launch Fujifilm X Webcam 2 on your computer. Notice the window that appears on-screen is grayed-out, suggesting the application isn’t working. But it is!

In order to look like it’s working, Fujifilm X Webcam 2 must be connected to some sort of videoconferencing application such as Google Meet, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio), Zoom, etc.

Nothing happened after I started OBS Studio, that is, until a “Video Capture Device” was added. At that point, the X Webcam 2 window was active. Notice my camera was recognized by X Webcam 2, as indicated by the following Screencapture.

The bigger picture shows both Fujifilm X Webcam 2 and OBS Studio are working. My X-T3 digital camera is listed as “Video Capture Device” in the OBS “Sources” panel. The audio output from the built-in microphone on my laptop computer is shown in the OBS “Audio Mixer” panel. (Audio isn’t included in the feed from X Webcam 2.)

At this point, OBS Studio could be used to either stream or record the output from my X-T3 and laptop microphone. More “Sources” can be added to the main window, but for the purpose of this blog post all I wanted to do is demonstrate that Fujifilm X Webcam 2 can be interfaced with OBS Studio via a USB cable.

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