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May 20, 2019

What do you call bluebells growing in Maryland? That’s right, Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)!

The preceding photograph shows Virginia Bluebells growing in a meadow alongside the Little Patuxent River at the North Tract of Patuxent Research Refuge, Anne Arundel County, Maryland USA. The flowers seem to be a little past peak.

I’m aware of three locations where Virginia Bluebells are prolific every spring during the month of April, and probably not coincidentally, all three locations are stream valleys. As is often the case with where plants and animals are found, it’s all about habitat, habitat, habitat!

By the way, the three locations are Riverbend Park and Hemlock Overlook Regional Park in Fairfax County, Virginia USA, and now Patuxent Research Refuge in Anne Arundel County, Maryland USA. Riverbend Park charges a fee to view the bluebells during an annual festival; the nature show is free at the other two locations.

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Little Patuxent River

May 3, 2019

Sometimes people ask why I like to hunt and photograph odonates. One answer is illustrated by the following photograph — ode hunting takes me to many picturesque locations like this one!

The preceding photo shows the Little Patuxent River, looking downstream from Bailey Bridge. The bridge is located along Wildlife Loop trail at the North Tract of Patuxent Research Refuge, Anne Arundel County, Maryland USA.

If you look closely at the lower limit of the upper-right quadrant, then you might notice a shadowy figure standing near the bank of the river. That’s either my buddy Mike Powell or a rare sighting of Bigfoot!

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