GoPro Time Lapse Video: Richmond Highway (U.S. Route 1)

The following time lapse video was taken using my GoPro HERO 4 Black action camera remotely controlled with the “GoPro app” (v7.1) running on an Apple iPad mini 2. The camera was set for Video Mode / “Time Lapse Video” submode — the simplest of several ways to create time lapse movies using the HERO4.

The video looks best when played in “Full screen” mode.

The camera is facing east from the 6th floor of a parking garage. Notice the trees look “nervous” — it was windy due to a cold front that passed the day before I recorded the video. Clouds are moving across the sky from northwest to southeast.

Several Fairfax County Public Schools yellow buses are seen making afternoon runs. Three Fairfax County Fire Department red vehicles pass by heading south along Richmond Highway, including a truck, SUV, and ladder truck. Finally, look closely and you might be able to see a series of commercial jet aircraft flying from south to north on approach to landing at Washington National Airport.

Post update: I watched the time lapse movie on a large screen monitor. Although I saw several planes in the sky (with my eyes) when I was outside, I don’t see them in the movie. That’s odd, because the camera was set to record every 1 s — more than long enough for a single plane to appear multiple times.

Tech Tips

Two short video clips were combined using Apple iMovie. I will provide more background information and tech tips in a follow-up blog post.

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