More fliers perching

Dragonflies are classified as either “fliers” or “perchers,” based upon their feeding habits. Swamp Darner dragonflies (Epiaeschna heros) are fliers; it is uncommon to see them perching.

I spotted several Swamp Darners perching near two vernal pools at Huntley Meadows Park on 23- and 25 May 2014. All of the individuals are females, resting after egg-laying (oviposition).

Swamp Darner dragonfly (female, oviposition)

23 May 2014

The following gallery features another female spotted on the same day.

Finally, a female spotted two days later.

Swamp Darner dragonfly (resting after oviposition)

25 May 2014

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9 Responses to “More fliers perching”

  1. Robley Hood Says:

    Nice pictures! What about the EXIF data on the last photo? How close were you? I’m still searching for the sweet spot.

  2. Robley Hood Says:

    Same info you posted for the others?

  3. Robley Hood Says:

    I thought I saw exif information for the grouped pictures, but I didn’t see it for the last picture. That’s what I’m curious about.

    • waltersanford Says:

      Now I understand your question. The WordPress “tiled gallery” option displays some EXIF info. For all other images, download the image and use an app of your choice to see the embedded EXIF info. I’m an Apple user, so I would open the images in “Preview” and select “Show Inspector” from the “Tools” menu. If you’re a PC user, then there’s a handy “Extension” for Mozilla Firefox called “FxIF” that enables you to right-click on Web images on and see EXIF info.

  4. Robley Hood Says:

    Correction. I did see it: Aperture, Focal Length, Shutter Speed, and Camera. The last picture you posted above does not have that information available. That’s what I’m wondering about.

  5. Robley Hood Says:

    Thanks, but none of that works for me. No Firefox on my computer as it’s much too slow for me. All I can do is save the image, but that won’t help me see the exif. Thanks anyway!

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