Controlled burn at Huntley Meadows Park

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! While photowalking unexplored trails at Huntley Meadows Park, it was my good fortune to observe a controlled burn. What is a controlled burn?

Controlled burning is any fire intentionally ignited to meet specific land management objectives, such as to reduce flammable fuels, restore ecosystem health, recycle nutrients, or prepare an area for new trees or vegetation. Controlled burning is a management tool that when used under specifically controlled conditions will help land stewards manage forests and rangelands for multiple use. Source Credit: Controlled Burning, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.

The meadow shown in the following photo is located near the beginning of the Hike-Bike Trail.

The next meadow is located near the terminus of the Hike-Bike Trail, on the right side of the trail (heading outbound).

The last meadow is located at the terminus of the Hike-Bike Trail, on the left side of the trail just before the observation platform.

Related Resource: Capital Naturalist: Controlled Meadow Burn (2:11), by Alonso Abugattas.

A controlled burn for meadow management in Northern Virginia [on 14 January 2016 at Huntley Meadows Park]. Controlled burns help suppress woody plants and kill invasives in keeping a meadow habitat. After checking the weather and and many other factors, a burn is done to kill off the emerging trees and invasives and keep the meadow open and valuable as a habitat. Source Credit: Video descriptor, by Alonso Abugattas, Natural Resources Manager, Arlington County Parks, Virginia.

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