Eastern Ringtail dragonflies (more males)

Many Eastern Ringtail dragonflies (Erpetogomphus designatus) were spotted along the Potomac River at Riverbend Park, Fairfax County, Virginia USA. All of the individuals in this gallery are male, as indicated by their terminal appendages and “indented” hind wings.

Please look at the full-size version of each photo in order to appreciate the coloration of these handsome male dragonflies.

Copyright © 2017 Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

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2 Responses to “Eastern Ringtail dragonflies (more males)”

  1. Mike Powell Says:

    Quite handsome males indeed–it’s great that you were able to get shots from so many different angles, Walter. Were the dragonflies tolerant of your presence or were you just amazingly persistent (or both)?

    • waltersanford Says:

      In my experience, Eastern Ringtail dragonflies aren’t very skittish. I was able to get within two- to three feet of most individuals by approaching them SLOWLY. I can’t recall, but I think every photo in this set is uncropped, or at least almost every photo, and the subject fills the frame — that gives you a good idea of how close I was to the dragons. All of my photos of Eastern Ringtail were taken during early August last year, so you should GO SEE THEM before they’re gone.

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