My Life Lists

The following links lead to all of my blog posts related to a given species of odonate. In a nutshell, this is why I take the time to use Categories and Tags in every post I publish. In addition, every photo published in my blog features Keywords embedded in the IPTC Photo Metadata.

Dragonflies (Suborder Anisoptera)

Family Aeshnidae (Darners)

Family Cordulegastridae (Spiketails)

Family Corduliidae (Emeralds)

Family Gomphidae (Clubtails)

Family Libellulidae (Skimmers)

Family Macromiidae (Cruisers)

Family Petaluridae (Petaltails)

Gray Petaltail (Tachopteryx thoreyi)

Damselflies (Suborder Zygoptera)

Family Calopterygidae (Broad-winged Damselflies)

Family Coenagrionidae (Narrow-winged Damselflies)

Aurora Damsel (Chromagrion conditum) [a monotypic genus]

Genus Argia (Dancers)

Genus Enallagma (American Bluets)

Genus Ischnura (Forktails)

Family Lestidae (Spreadwings)

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